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  1. Penelusuran Paten Lanjutan
Nomor publikasiUS602649 A
Jenis publikasiPemberian
Tanggal publikasi19 Apr 1898
Nomor publikasiUS 602649 A, US 602649A, US-A-602649, US602649 A, US602649A
PenemuWilliam P. Wight
Ekspor KutipanBiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
Tautan Eksternal: USPTO, Pemindahan Hak USPTO, Espacenet
Tile bench for hothouses
US 602649 A
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(No Model.)

No. 602,649. Patented Apr. 19,1898.

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azn ila WM; 14 20 co Q) owqm mus PETERS w Puo'm-umo WASH llwiTno STATES PATENT Prion.


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 602,649, dated April 19, 1898.

Application filed December11,189'7.' Serial No. 661,490. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, WILLIAM P. WIGHT, residing at Colorado Springs, in the county of El Paso and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tile Benches for Hothouses, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of the same, in which- Figure 1 represents a perspective view, and Fig. 2 a transverse view, of a bench embodying the invention. Figs. 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are views of various details of the structure, which will be more particularly referred to in the description of the invention and the novel features subsequently pointed out in the claims.

The object of the invention is to supply a convenient and durable bench for use in the propagation of plants that is especially adapted to the condition of soil, water, and heat, which may be readily assembled and adjusted for service and taken apart for purposes of removal or transportation.

The bed or floor is composed of a series of tiles 10, which are disposed substantially in the way shown in the perspective view, Fig. 1, placed separately adjacent to each other and resting at their ends upon the rabbeted rails A B. The tiles are composed of any suitable porous material, preferably such as is employed in the manufacture of fiowerpots, and are formed with a rounded upper surface r, upon which the soil is placed, and upon the under side with longitudinal grooves g, in order to expose a greater surface to the action of the heating-pipes 13, which may be relatively arranged as shown in Fig. 2. The framework which supports the tiles is composed, essentially, of upright standards 6, transverse bars 7, and side pieces 8. The standards 6 and cross-bars are usually made of tubing, whilethe sides 8, which form the soil-box, are composed of wood. The means for connecting the main parts of the structure enumerated are specially designed for this purpose and made of separate castings with either threaded or socket projections,to or within which the standards 6, cross-bars 7, and sides 8 are connected.

The main connection, consisting in the upper castings l 1, are made in a single piece, with the projecting sockets to receive the standards or legs 6 and the cross-bars 7, and with a vertical brace 3, that is bolted to and supports the sides 8. These castings may also have an additional brace extending in a horizontal direction for securing the bench to the side of the wall of the house in which it is placed, which firmly secures the same and allows for a free circulation of air, as shown in Fig. 2. The detailed construction of these corner-castings is particularly shown in the sectional view, Fig. 3, wherein the standards and cross-bars are secured by a threaded connection 14. It is obvious, however, that a plain socket and bar fastened with a set-screw may be substituted, if desired. A depression or groove 6 may also be formed upon the upper side of these castings to form a bearing for the longitudinal supporting-bars A B, as shown in Fig. 3.

In Figs. 4 and 5 sleeves A and B are shown for splicing the longitudinal bars A B, so that any convenient length of the latter may be used.

In Figs. 1 and 6 corner-pieces C are also shown detached and applied.

At 5 in Fig. 1 a modification is represented to adapt a standard to a corner, if desired.

Foot-pieces 0 may also be used, and intermediate collars 11, that are adjustable vertically upon the standards of adjacent benches and carry a connecting cross-bar upon which a flooring 12 may be placed and elevated to any desired height, the object being to provide a narrow walk or barrow-passage'between the respective benches, if required. A series of supports w for a shelf may also be applied, as shown in Fig. 1.

Having thus referred to the various parts which make up the structure, the advantages of the construction will be readily appreciated. The framework is light, durable, and readily set up, the tiling imperishable and absorbing all surplus moisture, and formed to insure perfect drainage through the intermediate crevices.

What I claim herein, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1-. A bench-floor forhothouses' composed of a series of porous tile-sections made with a ICO convex upper surface and with longitudinal corrugations on the under side, in combination with a suitable supporting structure.

2. In combination with the tile-bed, consisting in the rabbeted bars A, B, of the supporting-framework consisting in the detachable Crossbars 7 and standards 6, connecting corner-pieces 1, having integral braces 2, 3, and side pieces 8, substantially as described.

3. In combination with adjacent benches 10 for hothouses, the interposed walk connected with the respective supporting standards or legs, and vertically adjustable thereon, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.




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